Mark buzzing the crowd and giving a wave.The near lost art of Skywriting can usually be related to the early days of barnstorming. When it was common to see single named and well-known corporations have a pilot fill a bright blue sky with artistic lines and shapes. Under normal circumstances Skywriting is done at a high altitude so that the work of art can be seen for miles around, therefore enhancing the visibility and marketability of the Skywriting. However, leave it to Mark Sorenson to come up with a very unique low level, show center, Skywriting performance, which is choreographed beautify to music. It has become a crowd favorite at every airshow he has performed in since hitting the airshow circuit.

“I’m glad to hear that every time we performed this act, it seems to receive a guaranteed crowd applause after each performance.” Mark Sorenson

Titus, the tiger airplane, puts his paw print on the airshowDuring his Salute to Veterans performance, Mark narrates a very patriotic introduction to his act from the cockpit as he is climbing to an altitude of approximately 3000 above show center. Once in position, it’s SMOKE ON, and the first letter of his routine begins to take its shape. Along with his Skywriting routine is a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace and God Bless America designed and choreographed perfectly to his routine.

What is very unique to the trained airshow eye, is that Mark fly’s the first part of his Skywriting act on the Horizontal plain, in a non aerobatic style, by Skywriting the letters “USA”. Then he descends into the aerobatic box to perform the second part of his Skywriting up close and in the crowds face. This time he’s performing on the vertical plain, and in aerobatic fashion, spelling out the symbols “ I (heart) U”. The music ends right on queue and the crowd spontaneously bursts into a loud uncommanded applause, not usually heard after most acts unless prompted by the announcer.

AS A BONUS to your show, just prior to the opening ceremonies, Mark will skywrite the words AIRSHOW at an altitude of over 10,000 ft with letters 2 miles tall that can be seen for over 40 square miles.  With this extra promotional exposure, you can expect everyone outdoors in the surrounding community will know you are hosting an airshow this weekend.



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