Hotwire Harry

Hotwire Harry

So FUNNY it should be ILLEGAL!

Hotwire Harry

Who ever thought an escaped convict from Aileron County jail could go so far not only to steal an airplane, but to steal the airshow as well? He’s back, and its no wonder they call him Hotwire Harry.  He’s a world-renowned aircraft thief, made famous by none other than the infamous Sheriff “Mad Dog” Rosco, of Aileron County.  Sheriff Rosco’s jail has to be the most unsecured jail in the country, given the amount of times Harry has escaped from it over the years.  Harry has been known to out-smart, out-spin, and out-run the best Sheriff Roscoe has to offer, but there’s one trick you don’t want to miss.  Sheriff Rosco always has something up his sleeve, in order to get Hotwire Harry back into custody.

“It was very funny I even laughed.” Wayne Boggs (airboss)

Jeff Moss, as Sheriff Rosco, brings a refreshing Georgia, style southern, comedy to the act.  You just don’t want to miss it. Matching some of his best one-liners with Mark Sorenson, as Hotwire Harry, they battle it out over the airways and runways as to who is really stealing the show. Harry’s flying mocks many familiar maneuvers and performers in the airshow industry only to put a slight twist to the ending that even Bob Hoover might even appreciate. If your event is harboring this fugitive, rest assured that Sheriff Rosco will be IN HOT PURSUIT to insure the safety of your audience while guarantying to enhance the entertainment value of your show.

This act has received recognition from several show producers and audiences alike, as one of the best entertainment values on the airshow circuit today.

“Great Act! Kid friendly, yet in the best traditions of Vaudeville.” Hughe Oldham (announcer)


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